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Last Quarter of the Moon Publishing

Welcome to the beginning of a new era in publishing. Whether you are looking for a publisher to shine a new light on your novel; to help you develop your plot or elevate your prose; to aid you in developing a business and marketing plan for your new creation; or perhaps, you are in the market for custom cover art; if you should find yourself in need of help in your effort to publish the next great novel, Last Quarter of the Moon is here for you.

The Prince and the Time Keeper
debut short story by Anthezar

New school, new teachers, new friends...

The latest addition to our inaugural lineup is a romantic, young adult coming of age story by first time author, Anthezar. This short story chronicles the fateful meeting of the perpetually transient Sophie Karr and bad boy, Will Vance.

Despite the naysayers, Sophie finds herself drawn to Will, and in befriending him, discovers a shocking history that involves them both. What is their story?
Read and see...

Tempting Fate Can Be Dangerous
debut novel by Sasha Raught

Who said that you can't tell a book by its cover? They haven't seen what we have in store. Three novels underway and all three books sport custom cover artwork by the incomparable painter and illustrator, Sasha Raught.

Available now on and! An accomplished novelist in his own right, we are thrilled to announce the addition of Sasha Raught to our growing list of authors with the release of his debut novel. Tempting Fate Can Be Dangerous is the conclusion that a young and beautiful Private Detective figures out when she accepts a job investigating strange disappearances in Leisure Village.

A modern Detective, lost in the past.

Suspenseful! Exciting! Terrifying!

Congratulations Nanowrimo and YWP finalists!

It is a stunning achievement to set an aggressive goal and to have the discipline and fortitude to achieve it. That is what the finalists of Nanowrimo (the National Novel Writing Month contest) which challenges authors to write 50,000 words towards a new and original novel, and YWP (the Young Writer's Program contest), who set their own age appropriate goal, found out this November.

To all of those who crossed the finish line, please accept our heart-filled congratulations. As a repeat finalist, I know the great satisfaction and elation that you feel now that the pressure is finally off. I also know how exhausted you must be. At Last Quarter of the Moon, we honor your commitment and drive. And so for Nano and YWP finalists, we have a special offer just for you.
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We'd also like to extend a special congratulation to our own authors and 2012 Nano finalists: Sasha Raught, Michael Courter, and Alex Courter.

Please check out their hard work.

Return of the Dragon Knights
debut novel by Alex D.K. Courter

We are pleased to announce an exciting innaugural lineup. We kicked off our first publication earlier this summer with the release of the Young Adult Fantasy novel, Return of the Dragon Knights, the debut by teen author, Alex D.K. Courter. The staff at Last Quarter of the Moon would like to join the author in thanking the fans who made his first book such a success.

And that was just the beginning. The summer swelter kept us indoors, and that meant more time behind the keyboard! We have three novels and two short stories slated for publication heading into the new year. Each book expands the variety and depth of our body of work. Whether you are into fantasy, suspense, horror, comedy, or a feel good novel, we have a veritable cornucopia in the works for your reading pleasure.

Have You Seen Her?
debut novel by Michael Courter

Our second novel, the suspense thriller, Have You Seen Her? hit the "stands" on July 25th. Another debut novel, this time of publisher and editor-in-chief, Michael Courter, Have You Seen Her? begs the question: How far would you be willing to go to save the one you love?

We have decided to do something truly 'novel' with Have You Seen Her? The text will be released simultaneously both serially and in its entirety as an ebook. We are extremely excited about this prospect and couldn't be more thrilled. Each week, starting with its launch, a new chapter will be revealed here on this site--for a limited time. Follow Jack as he searches for his daughter in this page burning thriller.

Check out our new and upcoming authors:

Alex Courter
Alex Courter
Return of the
Dragon Knights
Michael Courter
Michael Courter
Have You Seen Her?
Sasha Raught
Sasha Raught
Tempting Fate
Can Be Dangerous

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