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Our Authors

We are so proud of our inaugural line up of works and authors. What a community is forming under the LQM banner! The talent and artistry is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

We have been waiting such a long time to have the opportunity to work together, and now that the stars are finally aligned, it very much feels like we are looking out over a new creation with a brand new world beneath our feet.

We opened our doors, kicked the tires, and launched our first publication in the summer of 2012 with the release of the Young Adult Fantasy novel, Return of the Dragon Knights, the debut by teen author, Alex D.K. Courter.

On the heels of our first release, we added to the Last Quarter of the Moon canon with the long anticipated suspense thriller, Have You Seen Her? by our editor-in-chief, Michael Courter.

We rounded out 2012 with the a debut novel by our resident painter, illustrator, and author, Sasha Raught, the supernatural crime thriller, Tempting Fate Can Be Dangerous.

In 2013, we published a short story by up-and-coming novelist, Anthezar, the young adult fantasy, The Prince and the Time Keeper.

And that is just the beginning. We are currently in discussion with several authors which will greatly expand our literary universe, with new works under way.

Come meet our authors and artists.

Alex Courter, Return of the Dragon Knights

Let the adventure begin!

Alex began creating the characters and settings of his debut novel when he was six. Though he had considered several different plots and adventures for his fledgling characters, it was after reading his father’s fantasy novel, Moths to a Flame, that he decided that he wanted to write in earnest.

At fifteen, with well-developed characters and an aggressive plot, Alex decided to try his hand by entering the 2010 Nanowrimo contest. The resulting text was a rough draft manuscript of Return of the Dragon Knights written under the working title, “The Dark Path.”

With two fantasy novels under his belt, Alex is currently writing the dystopian future novel, PerfectWorld: Forbidden Knowledge.

Return of the Dragon Knights is the debut novel of teen author, Alex Courter.


2010 - Legends of Entraydia: Return of the Dragon Knights: 2010 Nanowrimo finalist, published June 25, 2012

2011 - Legends of Entraydia: Shadow over Mysteria: 2011 Nanowrimo finalist

2012 - PerfectWorld: Forbidden Knowledge: 2012 Nanowrimo winner

2013 - Muhomono: Search for the Sword of Desparro

2013 - PerfectWorld: Forbidden Knowledge 2: 2013 Nanowrimo winner

2014 - Muhomono: Legend of the Leviathan: work in progress

2014 - Muhomono: Hero's Guild: 2014 Camp Nano winner

2014 - PerfectWorld: Innocence: 2014 3-Day Novel contestant

2014 - Little Chivalry: 2014 Nanowrimo winner

2015 - PerfectWorld: Earth Reborn: 2015 Nanowrimo winner

2016 - PerfectWorld: Rogue PALADIN: 2016 Camp Nano winner

Michael Courter, Have You Seen Her?

Starting with short stories as a kid, Michael Courter developed the history and personalities of many of his characters over the past thirty years. Graduating to novels in the mid-nineties, Michael has finally published his first novel, Have You Seen Her? While working 60 – 100 hours a week in Information Technology, he still found time to complete two novels during lunch breaks, evenings, and on the commute to and from his New York offices.

His writing is as eclectic as his tastes: to date, he has written fantasy novels, psychological thrillers, dark famedies—"famedy" is his term for fantasy comedy—and historical fiction. He is a founding member of a local writers' club which includes among its alumni fellow New Jersey authors: Sasha Raught, Michael Hunter, Korey "Dizzle" Fackler, M.B. Mulhall, and Michael's son, Alex. He is a frequent attendee of other writing clubs and contests. Michael fervently embraces the adventure of writing amongst friends.

Have You Seen Her? is the debut novel of author, Michael Courter.


2002 - A Farewell to Kings: Moths to a Flame: to be published Summer 2016

2008 - Have You Seen Her?: published July 25, 2012

2009 - Imagination: 2009 Nanowrimo winner

2010 - Be Positive: 2010 3-Day Novel finalist: published October 31, 2015

2010 - A Negative: 2010 Nanowrimo winner

2011 - Finding My Way(screenplay): 2011 ScriptFrenzy winner

2011 - Raymond Hammett in A Case of False Pretense(w. Sasha Raught): 2011 3-Day Novel finalist

2011 - Black Tom Island: 2011 Nanowrimo winner

2012 - ABnormal: 2012 Nanowrimo winner

2013 - Resume: 2013 Nanowrimo winner

2014 - It's Us and Them: 2014 Camp Nano winner

2014 - Fair Warning: 2014 3-Day Novel contestant

2014 - An Ox in the Mire: 2014 Nanowrimo winner

2015 - Seeking Miss Right: 2015 Nanowrimo winner

2016 - Finding Mr. Right: 2016 Camp Nano winner

Sasha Raught, Tempting Fate Can Be Dangerous

Sasha Raught on Sasha Raught

So I was born on the day preceeding the day after my birthday, in the year after the previous year before the year I was born. I didn't want to leave my humble abode so they let me stay home an extra year before the trauma of public education took precedence. Somewhere in there, before some things and after others, first Jack Kirby, later Russ Manning, and finally, Neal Adams, Boris, and Maxfield Parrish molded and warped my artistic talent into what, much later, 'now', it would become.

During that time my mother gave me the most important art lesson and advice that I would ever receive. She told me to draw what I see. That bit of information has worked out wonderfully so far, albeit nearly everyone since has said the opposite. Maybe that's why there are so many really bad artists in the world.

I penciled until that was easy, then I inked until that worked how I wished it, then water colour coloured my pages. Acrylic came next, and then oils splashed about. I really had no desire to move on while any given medium was reluctant to comply with my wishes. Once I could do it, then I had to be able to do it every time.

Once every time was every time, faster was the challenge of the day. "Faster?" you say? Some of the paintings herein were conceived, started, and finished in a day. I think that's fast enough, but then again...
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Tempting Fate Can Be Dangerous is the debut novel of author, Sasha Raught.


1991 - Defilers of the Midnight Elf Glade (graphic novel)

1999 - Kingdom of the Elves: The Meeting

2001 - The Pursuit of Princess Porcelain

2002 - Kingdom of the Elves: War of the Red Dragon

2006 - Arturio Benerzini and the Three Impossible Tasks

2008 - Kingdom of the Elves: A Conflict of Princes

2009 - The Art of Sasha Raught

2009 - Tempting Fate Can Be Dangerous: 2009 Nanowrimo winner - published Dec 2012

2010 - High Moon

2010 - Arturio Benerzini in Talourka Yasha Istafa: 2010 3-Day Novel finalist

2010 - Montserrat & Fortenbras Are Not Vampyrres: 2010 Nanowrimo winner

2011 - Savage Abolition(screenplay): 2011 ScriptFrenzy winner

2011 - Raymond Hammett in A Case of False Pretense(w. Michael Courter): 2011 3-Day Novel finalist

2011 - Ten Caliber: 2011 Camp Nanowrimo winner (Part 1), 2011 Nanowrimo winner (Part 2)

2012 - Kingdom of the Elves: Shards of the Myrnaglau: 2012 Camp Nano winner (Part 1), 2012 Nanowrimo winner (Part 2)

2013 - Kingdom of the Elves: Shards of the Myrnaglau, Part 3: 2013 Nanowrimo winner

2014 - Metronomically Complex: 2014 Camp Nano winner

2014 - Class Reunion: 2014 Nanowrimo winner

2015 - Profit, Politics, and Persecution: 2015 Nanowrimo winner

2016 - Of Magical Swords & Dungeons and Dragons, sans the Dragons, sort of: 2014 Nanowrimo winner

Anthezar, The Prince and the Time Keeper

New school, new teachers, new friends...

From dolls to college rule notebooks to computers, Brittany Gonzalez, or Anthezar as she goes by, has been creating stories ever since she can remember. She has countless notebooks upon notebooks in her room from her younger days filled with stories. And when she isn’t writing something down, her mind is always filled with a story scene. Her newly released short story, The Prince and the Time Keeper was written over the course of three days or so.

She’s also a self taught digital artist. She started drawing when she was 17 and hasn’t stopped since. Drawing doesn’t come naturally to Anthezar, yet she loves to draw and feels she still has a lot to learn. She’s reached her level of art through a lot of practice and hard work. She has two styles, a realistic and a cartoon style. Her tools include Photoshop CS3 and a Wacom Intuos3 tablet.

She loves anything Japanese, except Sushi. Whenever she writes or draws, she always has some music playing in the background, typically songs in Japanese. Funny enough, she knows more Japanese artists than she does American artists.

The name ‘Anthezar’ was thought up when she was 16 years old. Over time it quickly developed as a name for herself. She is often affectionately called ‘Anthy’ for short.

Anthezar hopes to grow as an artist and do the cover art for her books. She also hopes to continue to grow as a writer and publish many more short stories, novellas, and novels.

The Prince and the Time Keeper is the debut short story of author, Anthezar.


2011 - The Prince and the Time Keeper: published March 13, 2013