Alex Courter

Alex Courter


Return of the Dragon Knights

Let the adventure begin!

Once a disciple of the dark arts and lore, the decrepit Shadow King thrives with an insatiable lust for power. Enticing liege and lord, he is determined to corrupt the entire world if only in order to make himself all the stronger; he spreads darkness across the land, raising hordes of the dead to do his bidding and subvert the residents of Entraydia.

Held at bay for centuries, first by the famed Dragon of Light, and then by his Dragon Knights after him, the Shadow King bided his time, waiting for the opportunity to strike. Alas, the Dragon and his Knights have been gone for many years; years that the Shadow King has used to his advantage.

Enter Maxwell. Born to parents of lowly status, the arrival of the Shadow King at his nativity is unexpected and unwelcome: for the Shadow King has come for the boy, for he is the one foretold to defeat the darkness once and for all. The Shadow King is not, however, the only unexpected visitor. The Dragon Knights return once again with their stones of magic to save the infant and his family. And that is only the beginning.

Return of the Dragon Knights

Written when he was 15, Return of the Dragon Knights is the debut novel by teen author, Alex Courter. As it unfolds, this page turner tells the story of a young man who must fight for love, freedom, and friendship.

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